Corporate Responsibility
Report – 2013/ 2014
Version for Visually Impaired

About the company

We are part on the international DB Schenker Group which in turn is a part of Deutsche Bahn AG concern. DB Schenker Group is a leading supplier of integrated logistics services in the world with the annual sales exceeding EUR 20 billion.

Company's Supervisory Structure

In compliance with the Polish Commercial Companies Code, Schenker Sp. z o.o. has the Supervisory Board and the Meeting of Shareholders.

Meeting of Shareholders


99.65% of the equity capital is owned by the DB Polska Holding Sp. z o.o. company with its registered office in Zabrze, and the remaining 0.35% belongs to 217 individual shareholders. As DBPH is a Polish company, the capital of Schenker Sp. z o.o. is Polish.

Graph 1.Equity capital of Schenker Sp. z o.o.

Supervisory Board


The Supervisory Board exercises permanent supervision of company's operations. The Board is composed of three members appointed for a three-year term.

None of the members of the Supervisory Board receives salary for their work, none is an employee or the Managing Director of Schenker Sp. z o.o. Duties of the Managing Director are performed by the Chairman of the Board appointed by the resolution of the Supervisory Board. Janusz Górski, as a one-man Management Board, performs the function of the company's President.

The Supervisory Board acts on the basis of the Commercial Companies Code, Articles of Association, and Supervisory Board Regulations approved by the Meeting of Shareholders. This ensures avoidance of the conflict of interests. The Board gathers at least twice a year and carries out ongoing tasks (individual meetings, e-mails, telephone calls). In its management of economic, environmental and social issues, the Supervisory Board utilizes the results of internal audits, quarterly audits performed by the consulting companies, as well as process audits.

Once a year the Meeting of Shareholders approves the report of the Supervisory Board and decides on granting discharge to the members of the Board for the next year.

Employees and shareholders can submit their recommendations on the Supervisory Board in writing via the Board.

We are driven by the values

Our vision
Our mission
Our values

DB Schenker Logistics in Poland is one of 57 Polish companies that signed the Declaration of the Polish Business for the Sustainable Development. It confirms our commitment to the achievement of the strategic goals included in the "Vision of a Sustainable Development for Polish Business 2050" report.

Our company decided to sign the document because the Vision 2050 is consistent with the principles of DB Schenker Logistics' strategy. In this document we declare e.g. that we will conduct business activity based on dialog and trust, continue to raise the level of ethics in the business, promote new technologies, cooperate with the universities, create development possibilities for the employees, and reduce power consumption and decrease the negative impact on the environment.

Management of ethics and legality


In order to ensure that our employees and partners behave in an ethical and legal ways, we have created the System of Management of Ethics and Compliance. Its accuracy is supervised by:

  • National Specialist for the Compliance with Law and Ethics in Schenker Sp. z o.o. (Compliance Officer)
  • Compliance Committee with the President Chairman of Schenker Sp. z o.o.

Our basic rules
are written down in the Ethics - Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics of Schenker sp. z o.o. - created by the employees, carriers, and couriers.

System of Management of Ethics and Compliance is supplemented by the Policy of respecting dignity in the workplace and Policy of Conduct in case of violation of standards resulting from the rules applicable in the concern.

Pillars of management of ethics and legality

System of Management of Ethics and Compliance is based on three key elements:

Designing or changing business processes in order to prevent behavior that is illegal or unethical.
Identifying and assessing risks and weaknesses.
Continuous improvement and reform in order to limit the identified risks and weak spots

Business Partner Compliance

We care about the ethics and compliance with the law in the supply chains. We have created and published the Code of Conduct for the Business Partners available on the website:

This document as well as other, similar, related to the business ethics, are an important signal for the customers and suppliers that the company is a responsible and reliable partner.

Documents important to DB Schenker Logistics regulating issues of ethics and compliance with the law:

Primary legal acts

Polish Penal Code

Polish acts on the protection of competition and consumers:

  • The Act on the Prevention of Unfair Market Practices
  • The Act on Combating Unfair Competition
  • The Act on the protection of competition and consumers

American Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The Bribery Act - UK

Primary internal regulations

Ethics - code of conduct

Code of Ethics of Schenker SP. z o.o.

Policy regarding compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Policy of respecting dignity in the workplace

SOP RM08 Compliance&Compliance Guidelines

SOP RM09 Sanction List Screening

101.02 10 Corporate Guideline Risk Minimization

SOP RM05 Corporate Crisis Management Plan

Guidelines regarding:

  • gifts and benefits
  • fighting corruption
  • contacting competition
  • conflict of interest
  • protection of assets
  • regulatory compliance on the customer's side
  • observance of the law by the business partners

Trainings in ethics

Every year, all employees
are trained in the Ethics - Code of Conduct. Furthermore, every year managers discuss the issue of business ethics with their employees. In the period of 2013-2014 covered by the report there were no confirmed incidents of corruption.

Training courses raise the awareness of the risks and help to deal with difficult situations.

  • They are conducted as e-learning courses or in a traditional way.
  • Our trainings are cascading, starting from the high-level management team, through the line to operating employees.
  • Every year there are team discussions on the Ethics - Code of Conduct. In 2013 we trained 100% of employees in the Ethics - Code of Conduct.

In the given period we conducted workshops on ethics and compliance in the supply chains for the Carriers during 4 regional meetings.

Fair Play Game

The game is a highly effective form of training as it easily and enjoyably involves the participants who understand and remember the individual issues better.

In 2014 1144 employees
participated in the Fair Play Game. The Game is carried on in the organization (in the first quarter of 2015 100% of employees were trained) and in the groups of our stakeholders, e.g. on the universities.

Alert Line - Compliance Helpline

All employees, business partners, and customers can report actions that are against the law or rules of ethics. This is why DB Schenker Helpline was created.

Two communication channels are available:

In the period covered by the report we did not receive any notifications of non-compliance from our employees, customers, or partners.

Strategy, direction, goal.


We are developing in a sustainable manner. We are building Lean culture. We are constantly improving ourselves and eliminating waste. This is how we are delivering value to the customers, employees, and partners. We want to be the preferred employer and neighbor. We build relations with local communities. We run our business taking into consideration environmental goals.

Three directions of our strategy are:
Customer and Quality.
Profitable growth.
Strategic direction of CSR in this area is Responsible supply chain and our goals are partnership with customers, carriers, and other suppliers.
Lean Culture.
Employee satisfaction.
We want to be the preferred employer and neighbor. Our goals include e.g. development of employees and couriers, safe working conditions, and cooperation with local communities
Economical consumption of resources.
Reduction of emissions and noise.
We are a eco-pioneer in the field of green logistics. Our objectives include introduction of green services and reduction of CO2 emissions in the supply chains.

Dialog with Stakeholders


DB Schenker Logistics' Social Responsibility Strategy is integrated with the business strategy. We have defined a group of key recipients of our actions among whom there are e.g.: customers, employees, key suppliers - carriers and couriers, representatives of local communities, and universities and students.

Dialog with Stakeholders

We don't guess - WE ASK


Exchange of experiences with market players who have influence on our actions and on whom we also have impact is very important to us.

We talk with the stakeholders based on the international standard AA 1000 which is based on three rules: inclusivity, materiality, and responsiveness. Based on the map of key stakeholders created in 2008 and verified in 2015 we have actively included them in the process of creating the report on 2013-2014. We organized internal workshops and interview sessions with the stakeholders, during which they reported their opinions and expectations towards us as a socially responsible company. In the end, the list of stakeholders' expectations was created. This report is an answer to them as they were taken into consideration during the selection of content of the report.

We conduct cyclical surveys of satisfaction of employees, key suppliers (carriers and couriers), customers, and customers' recipients.

We share knowledge with the market

Meeting with Lean guru Masaaki Imai.
In October 2014 branch we organized meeting of our customers and managers and Masaaki Imai – Lean guru in our Warsaw.

We work with our stakeholders.:

  • We organize workshops with the customers aimed at the improvement of our cooperation. We share knowledge on the creation on Lean culture, safety, and responsible approach towards the management of the company and employees.
  • Every year we organize 4 conferences (on average) for the carrier companies working with us and share our knowledge e.g. on the market, trends, and expectations of the customers. Furthermore, we build awareness of ecology and raise issues related to the ethics and compliance. We train couriers (customer service, safety regulations in the terminals and on the roads, eco-driving, first aid).
  • We work with higher education institutions. We are the partner of the Warsaw School of Economics and we give classes in our common subject for the students called "Management of the company of the future". Our managers participate in the lectures and share their practical knowledge with the students. We organize workshops focused on CSR and compliance. We have a website dedicated to students.
  • We are present at the conferences on various subjects. Our speakers share their knowledge on e.g. subjects related to the logistics, CSR, project management, and compliance.
  • As part of the "Time for Help" program our volunteers raise ecological awareness and awareness related to the safety on roads in local communities.
  • Through "DB Schenker as the preferred neighbor" survey directed to the local communities we raise awareness of the CSR.
  • Chairman Janusz Górski is a member of the Global Compact Program Council as well as the Program Council of the Warsaw School of Economics
  • We published many materials in Polish and local media on the subjects related to the CSR.