Corporate Responsibility
Report – 2013/ 2014
Version for Visually Impaired

About the report

This report for the years 2013 – 2014 incorporates the significant aspects of reporting for DB Schenker Logistics in Poland. The legal name: Schenker Sp. z o.o. (the period between 1st January 2013 and 31st December 2014). For the first time, this report has been prepared according to the most recent reporting guidelines of Global Reporting Initiative GRI G4, at the level of the “Core” application.

Report premises

The standard requires that the process of analysis and selection of report's content is conducted which was approached by the company with the highest diligence. It included several stages:

  1. Feedback session for the employees during which they expressed their opinions on the report
  2. Interviews with the stakeholders which enabled to identify their needs and recognize their recommendations and opinions
  3. Analysis of documents, strategic priorities of the company, surveys, and internal materials

Thanks to these three stages a number of reporting aspects were determined that were subsequently prioritized by the managerial staff using two criteria: company's reputation and its strategy. A result of the above-mentioned process is the following sustainable development reporting matrix. Significant aspects included in the matrix were described in the report.

Lista aspektów raportowania:
  • 1The quality of communication with customers and channels of communication
  • 2Promotion of responsible business practices
  • 3Health and safety in the workplace
  • 4Road safety
  • 5Ethics within the supply chain
  • 6Drivers and employees satisfaction level
  • 7Improving professional skills and training of couriers and couriers
  • 8Management of ethics and legality
  • 9Portfolio of services, including additional and innovative services
  • 10Quality and security of provided services
  • 11Reducing the environmental impact (e.g. green terminals)
  • 12The rules for selection and cooperation with subcontractors (carriers, couriers)
  • 26Reduction of CO2 emission (transport fleet)

All aspects of the reporting considered as the most important have influence on both internal operation of the company and its surroundings.

Social reporting –
how we influence our stakeholders.

Additional Information:

  1. In the period covered by the report there were no significant changes concerning size, structure, or form of company's ownership.
  2. In the previous social reports of DB Schenker Logistics no corrections regarding such aspects as mergers, takeovers, change in the base year/period, nature of the business activity, methods of measurement were made.
  3. We implemented a two-year cycle of social reporting. A last report for 2011-2012 was published in August 2013.
  4. DB Schenker has no contributions of capital in other business entities and thus, does not prepare a consolidated financial statement.