Corporate Responsibility
Report – 2013/ 2014
Version for Visually Impaired


The first imperative of DB Schenker Logistics is to ensure efficient organization of deliveries of goods on Polish and world markets. This is how we "Deliver the future", i.e. support the competitiveness of our customers by developing ourselves and suppliers working with us. We are focusing on effectiveness, co-responsibility, and security in the whole supply chain.

Cooperation with the suppliers

DB Schenker Logistics, as a leader in the logistic industry, cooperates and develops business relations with the suppliers of products and services which offer the highest standards of cooperation and competitive trade terms.
The most important group of suppliers
are our carriers and couriers

Code of Suppliers

In accordance with the adopted Strategy of Social Responsibility of DB Schenker Logistics,
we require that our suppliers observe the Code of Suppliers. The Code should be accepted by the supplier when the offer is placed. Acceptance of the Code is an essential element of the assessment of the supplier's potential.

We require from our suppliers:

  • that they respect valid labor legislation, especially industrial safety regulations, regulations concerning working time and remuneration;
  • that they respect standards of ethics;
  • that they observe universal human rights and counteract discrimination;
  • that they meet legally binding and voluntary environmental standards in the production process, warehousing, transport, and in the given product or service;
  • that they use innovative, energy-saving, and green technologies.

Culture of accountability


We want our suppliers to understand and use values adopted at DB Schenker Logistics:

  • Satisfaction of the customer and trade partners
  • Integrity and reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Trust and cooperation
  • Improvement and development

In May 2015
the Code of Suppliers
shall be replaced with the Code of Conduct for Business Partners which extends the previous rules by the guidelines concerning anticorruption.

The Purchasing Policy of DB Schenker Logistics


The Purchasing Policy of DB Schenker Logistics (after unfolding) is another document regulating the matter of cooperation with the Suppliers. The principal goals of the Purchasing Policy are:

  • to provide an efficient an effective process of obtaining products and services available on the market;
  • to provide a transparent and ethical procedure when selecting offers;
  • to manage the suppliers - external resources of the company - effectively;
  • to maintain and develop good relations with the suppliers;
  • to support implementation of the Responsibly Business Policy (CSR Corporate Social Responsibility).

Cooperation with the carriers


Additional rules and guidelines concern the cooperation with the carriers. Of this group of suppliers we require:

  • up-to-date and reliable company and transport documents;
  • possibility of delivering services compliant with the standards that are in effect at DB Schenker Logistics and requirements agreed with the customers;
  • preferred fleet: environmental norms Euro 5 and 6, white vehicles with GPS (for the performance of orders of increased risk).

Schenker Carrier Application (SCA)
When it comes to the management of the carriers, DB Schenker Logistics uses concern's application called Schenker Carrier Application (SCA) of the CRM class, which is also used for periodic evaluation of carriers. Every Carrier with an agreement undergoes evaluation at least 4 times a year, according to the clearly defined criteria.

The following have influence on the total assessment:

way of managing
the couriers,
the quality
of tasks performed by the couriers
and cooperation with the customers,
trainings for couriers
and their preparation
do for work
and safety of vehicles.

If the quality of services provided by the service provider significantly decreases or if we have reliable information about partner's violation of rules specified by us in the Code of Ethics, first we reprimand them and give them a chance to implement remedial actions.

If such actions are not undertaken or do not have the desired effect, the cooperation is terminated.

Joint projects


We think highly of the knowledge and contribution of work of our suppliers into the development of DB Schenker Logistics. This is why we invite the selected suppliers to the participation in many projects. By taking part in project teams, the suppliers can learn to understand our needs better and, as experts, propose the best solutions.

In the invitations for tenders we always try to clearly specify the requirements for the suppliers and clearly specify the conditions of the good offer. We always give feedback and talk about problems openly: - we organize meetings - workshops with the suppliers during which we usually try to work out satisfactory solutions together.

We invite our suppliers to volunteer projects.
On average, in every edition of the Time for Help Program participate 43 carriers and 100 couriers. Moreover, the suppliers support our involvement in the Noble Box program.