Corporate Responsibility
Report – 2013/ 2014
Version for Visually Impaired


The first imperative of DB Schenker Logistics is to ensure efficient organization of deliveries of goods on Polish and world markets. This is how we "Deliver the future", i.e. support the competitiveness of our customers by developing ourselves and suppliers working with us. We are focusing on effectiveness, co-responsibility, and security in the whole supply chain.

Customer Satisfaction

We want to provide services of high-quality, adjusted to the expectations of our customers. We contact our customers using all possible channels, e.g. direct contact through our couriers and sales representatives, managerial staff, everyday operational support of the Customer Service Departments, efficient handling of invoices and complaints.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a key goal of our activity.
Independent survey companies are regularly conducting customer satisfaction surveys that concern the quality of our services. Furthermore, we survey the satisfaction of the recipients of consignments from the services provided by our couriers.

Satisfaction of DB Schenker Logistics customers is measured based on the NPS approach (net promoter score). The survey consists in obtaining answer to one question concerning willingness to recommend our services to an acquaintance or a friend. Depending on the given answer on a ten-point scale respondents are divided into 3 groups of customers: promoters, passive customers, and critics. By deducting the percentage of critics from the promoters we obtain the net result, i.e. net promoter score. The survey is conducted using phone interviews.

Table 4. Results of the Customer Satisfaction Survey in 2013-2014:
Year Number of respondents NPS
2013 272 28%
2014 226 34%

DB Schenker Logistics couriers

In 2013 and 2014 on a scale of one to ten the average score that the couriers of DB Schenker Logistics received from our customers’ recipients was 9.5.

Our couriers have the reputation for:

being polite
being punctual
being helpful

Implementation and Advisory Projects Team


Structures of DB Schenker Logistics include the Implementation and Advisory Projects Team that apart from support during the introduction of the customer to the cooperation offers developmental and advisory actions in the customer's supply chain.

Furthermore, we appoint cross-disciplinary teams consisting of top-grade specialists which:

  • together with the customers create dedicated logistic solutions;
  • eliminate waste in the processes using Lean Management tools;
  • have knowledge about the optimization of the supply chain;
  • work based on the certified methodology of projects management.