Corporate Responsibility
Report – 2013/ 2014
Version for Visually Impaired


The first imperative of DB Schenker Logistics is to ensure efficient organization of deliveries of goods on Polish and world markets. This is how we "Deliver the future", i.e. support the competitiveness of our customers by developing ourselves and suppliers working with us. We are focusing on effectiveness, co-responsibility, and security in the whole supply chain.

Responsible Supply Chain

We are a logistic operator. We offer our customers solutions using road, railway, ocean, and air transport as well as warehousing. We provide services for key producers, importers, and exporters from the most important industries. Thanks to the comprehensiveness of our network, customers goods are delivered from senders to recipients within 24 hours. Every day, we collect shipments from producers and trade companies in all of our 17 branches in Poland. They are handled in the terminals according to their destination. Next day goods reach their recipients and land on production lines or shop shelves. As we want to meet our customers' expectations, we also organize transport between global trade and industry centers. We work with the suppliers, e.g. road carriers, who have trucks and employ couriers. Furthermore, we work with shipowners and airlines.

Sustainable development strategy

Our sustainable development strategy is supported by three pillars:
economy, society, and environment. We are creating the Lean culture that assumes continuous improvement in every area.
In our daily work we focus on the fulfillment of the promises given to our customers, employees and our suppliers.
Our priorities are:
fulfillment of commitments
  • efficient service for our customers. Conscientious fulfillment of promises, building long-term relationships with customers based on honesty, respect and mutual trust,
  • systematic study and improvement of production processes in terms of on-time deliveries, reliability of data and elimination of potential wastes,
  • safety of the employees and couriers, ensuring them stable and secure conditions for work and development. Our goal is "zero accidents at work". We undertake appropriate actions aimed at ensuring that, such as trainings, thematic lessons, or briefings,
  • road safety by systematic trainings for couriers and increasing their awareness within this scope,
  • continuous improvement of the company's security system: physical protection of all the facilities, supervision of all transport carrying the goods, trainings for couriers and employees, protection of information, cyclical audits of security of our facilities.
care for the environment and relations with stakeholders
  • reduction of CO2 emissions and the consumption of water, electricity, foil, and paper,
  • co-responsibility for the suppliers of services and dialog with the stakeholders.
integrity and ethics
  • creating awareness when it comes to ethics and compliance among the employees and suppliers (e.g. code of ethics for the suppliers or the Business Partner Compliance Program).

Services - comprehensive logistic solutions


We deliver the future. We support competitive advantage and implementation of economic and ecological goals of our customers. We examine the market to improve and enrich our services. We place emphasis on the innovation. We are creating the LEAN culture, aiming to achieve high quality, low costs and short delivery time.

We are offering comprehensive logistic solutions using all means of transport, warehousing, and modern technologies. We take care of the safety of people and consignments and of the environment during the provision of the ordered services.

Thanks to the network of land, air, and ocean connections and warehousing logistics, our customers' consignments are delivered to European and world markets in accordance with the "safely and on time" rule.

Solutions based on land transport

  • DB SCHENKERsystem - solutions with usage of pallets for goods security
  • DB SCHENKERparcels - small consignments – parcels (less than 30kg)
  • DB SCHENKERdirect - direct transport of shipments from the sender to the recipient
  • DB SCHENKERrailog - logistics solutions using rail transport

Solutions based on air transport

  • DB SCHENKERjetcargo first - express delivery
  • DB SCHENKERjetcargo business - fast delivery
  • DB SCHENKERjetcargo economy - regular service

Solution based on ocean transport

  • DB SCHENKERcombine – transportation of consignments from several consignors in one container (LCL)
  • DB SCHENKERcomplete - full container load (FCL)
  • DB SCHENKERprojects - non-standard, oversized shipments
  • DB SCHENKERskybridge - combination of air and oceanic solutions

Contract logistics

We manage logistics warehouses for customers from various industries, located in and around major Polish business centers. We offer a comprehensive service: storage services, including transportation and distribution.

Special services

  • Oversized shipments: dedicated logistics projects for consignments which, because of their size, weight or specifics of carriage, require individual solutions
  • ADR, IATA DGR, IMDG, RID - logistics service for dangerous goods in transport and warehousing
  • Logistics of sport events - comprehensive services to various customer groups responsible for the organization of sports events, such as the Olympic Games, world championships and international sports events

Quality and security of provided services


We are continuously improving ourselves. We are using a number of indicators that are aimed at controlling the provided service on various stages. Taking care of stability and improvement of our processes, in line with our mission and vision, we provide our customers with the security and support them in development of their businesses.

We measure the promptness and completeness of the delivery of shipments, and correctness of invoicing (DIFOTAI – Delivery In Full On Time Error Free Accurately Invoiced). This indicator tells us if the shipments were delivered in full and faultlessly (without damage or loss with return documents delivered on time and confirmed delivery to the recipient), on time and if they were invoiced accurately.

We are constantly implementing improving actions and monitoring obtained results. We are using new solutions, such as e.g. equipment of 2000 our couriers in mobile devices which enables them to keep the customer informed about the status of their shipments.

We measure also complaints end to end (from the date of the event which is the reason for the complaint until a final decision).

We care about safety of couriers and transported goods


Since 2010 we have been conducting cyclical trainings in logistic safety dedicated to our couriers and carriers. They are mainly aimed at making everyone aware of the dangers that can be encountered during the provision of the road transport services, what can be done to prevent a robbery, how to behave in such situation.

We have trained in safety
over 2238 couriers
in domestic and international traffic (status of trainings between launching the program and June 2015). In years covered by the report the training was completed by 733 couriers.
We pay special attention
to the transport of dangerous goods (ADR).

We take care of installing modern telematics systems in the vehicles, we implement active monitoring of key transports in the domestic and international traffic. This enables us to react quickly in the event of danger.

We are regularly conducting safety audits that are aimed at indicating routes and parking lots that are recommended to our couriers as checked and safe places.

Security Managers at our company have very important function
Their task is to diagnose the causes of damage and missing shipments in the transport process. Helpful in this regard is cooperation with customers, sharing best practices and knowledge about securing shipments.

We are verifying the process of handling the shipments in our terminals and thanks to the monitoring of all irregularities we undertake effective remedial actions.

We care about the confidentiality of information that is given us, usage of data only to ensure high quality of customer care.

Business Continuity Plans

The goal of implementation of Business Continuity Plans is as follows:

  • to eliminate the negative effects of potential failure or disaster as soon as possible,
  • to restore the normal mode of action and operational ability so that the contractors do not suffer from negative results of the ensuing situation.

Flow synchronization / Security of IT data


We care about the correct way of transferring data between the client and logistics operator, providing them full protection against access of undesirable people or systems.

The logistic operator and the customer exchange a great deal of information on a daily basis
which is a basis for planning the market operations. In order to act in the contractor’s best interest, we need to ensure proper quality of information and data flow, which means that all information should be verified, reliable and easily accessible.

At DB Schenker Logistics we ensure full confidentiality of data which requires proper protection of our information systems against any attempt of data theft. In the era of globalization and frequent cybercrimes, prevention of confidentiality of information violations constitutes a basis for logistics processes security.

As the first company in this industry, we have obtained the Information Security Management System certificate - ISO 27001.
This certificate confirms ensuring that the availability of information is granted only to authorized users, integrity (i.e. the consistency of information and the processing systems), and data confidentiality protection on the appropriate level.

Innovation: Kaizen - good change


We count on our employees and their good ideas. They concern improvements in their environment and workstation as well as change the functioning of the entire company. We use an application in which we report ideas and share them within entire organization.

Kaizens are implemented by all the employees. In 2014 86% of all people employed in the company participated in them.
To us, kaizens mean:
tools for solving problems
improvement of quality, occupational safety, or elimination of waste
Table 3. The ideas submitted and implemented in 2013-2014
Year Number of submitted
Number of implemented
ideas and kaizens
2013 2739 2268
2014 2223 1812

Effective processes


As part of the implemented LEAN culture, we discuss the obtained results during everyday briefings with the company's employees and carriers/couriers. During such meetings we define problems in the fulfillment of intended goals and suggest actions that are to solve them.

Implemented actions are subject to the PDCA cycles (Plan, Do, Check, Act) in order to adjust to changing reality.

Actions undertaken together with the customers are performed by the department involved in the given process or by the interdisciplinary team. This enables us to look at the problem thoroughly and create real value for the customer.