Corporate Responsibility
Report – 2013/ 2014
Version for Visually Impaired

About the company

We are part on the international DB Schenker Group which in turn is a part of Deutsche Bahn AG concern. DB Schenker Group is a leading supplier of integrated logistics services in the world with the annual sales exceeding EUR 20 billion.

Introduction to the Report

"Sustainable development specifies strategic directions of the development of the whole company and Lean philosophy enables to improve the processes effectively"
Janusz Górski
CEO, Schenker Sp. z o.o.

Sirs or Madams

Economic environment is becoming less and less predictable while conducting a business - increasingly complex. On the one hand, the companies seek the possibility of simplifying the processes and cutting the costs, on the other hand, quick response to changing expectations of the customers. Generation "Y", born at the beginning of 1980s, holds more and more managerial positions. For these people, maintaining a balance between their personal lives and work is a basis for action. The concept of sustainable development, combining financial, ecological, and social aspects, constitutes a support for the above-mentioned search and is an answer to changes within the companies and in the economic surroundings.

For DB Schenker Logistics, sustainable development specifies strategic directions of the development of the whole company and Lean philosophy enables to improve the processes effectively. Within last year we have launched several projects that are part of our strategy and create partnership relations with customers, suppliers, universities, local communites , and other stakeholderds. I would like to mention especially programs of cooperation with the customers with joint analysis of processes and searching for solutions that ensure the benefits for both parties with a simultaneous acceptance of certain risks.

At the same time we participate in the ECR association where, in cooperation with various entities, we work on the development of the best standards on the market. To us, cooperation with the suppliers is an important element of the strategy. Carriers and couriers are our key suppliers. This is why we check their satisfaction systematically and together establish the programs aimed at increasing its level.

Furthermore, we organize trainings in eco-driving and once a year we meet and conduct workshops to identify the problems and together work out the possible directions of future actions. Such meetings are also regular in individual regions of Poland. We focus especially on honest and reliable business based on clear rules. We monitor all deviations from rules and immediately undertake remedial actions. We share good practices in this area with other companies. In our "Fair Play" game, the essence of which is promoting ethical conduct and running business in an honest way, participated all employees of the company, suppliers, and students and businessmen from other companies.

We also share our experiences on an international level - as a partner in the Caring for Climate program initiated by the United Nations Global Compact. We pay special attention to creating ethical and responsible attitudes among our future employees - university and high school students and at the same time we observe the changes in the priorities of young people. For them, passion, interesting work, diversity (no routine), and maintaining healthy balance between work and personal development, hobbies carried out outside work environment, are of key importance.

This is why the lean philosophy and attitude of co-responsibility that focuses especially on the respect for people as well as on their development and activity in shaping the future, constitute the basis for our sustainable development.

Janusz Górski
Prezes Zarządu Schenker Sp. z o.o.